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Welcome to a new way of learning through online tutoring

In today’s context, the process of teaching and learning has undergone a dramatic change, but the modest reality is that ‘The methodology of teaching has remained the same since decades’. The traditional and classroom based learning is slowly getting obsolete.

With the convergence of technology, online tutoring has been literally transformed as a powerful learning curve for aspirants with engaging content which integrates itself with illustrations. Above all, online tutoring becomes the preferred choice which is made available at his/her doorstep convenience.

We incorporate the imaginable area of expertise

As the fact goes by, there are almost close to 40,000 tutors across the country and the numbers keep increasing day-in and day-out. Vdesiconnect have been in the process to identify the best online teachers, home tutors or the domain experts who have their own unique way to train the aspirant with their chosen subject and also help them through their assignment help.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy since inception has been centered around to connect the right online tutor thereby enabling and imparting a new way of teaching paradigm.

The success ratio that Vdesiconnect so far has been quite flawless, ‘we have been able to successfully create a talent pool with a handful of subject matter experts (SME) to impart online education which is very impeccable’

How it Works


The aspirant needs to register himself in order to avail online tutoring and get connected to the best available teachers online.


Once the aspirant registers himself in the web portal, he or she would be guided through the free structure which incurs for a particular online tutoring. The backend team allocates the right tutor after the payment is remitted.


Based on the particular subject, the backend team plans for a personalized lesson plans. The personalized lesson plan would also include the total duration of the course and the average time taken by the tutor with reference to the subject.

What makes Vdesiconnect more unique

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