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At some point of time in our lives, we all might have been through a situation of health crisis; which puts an individual in a frantic situation, this is especially more felt with senior citizens, parents whose sons & daughters are settled abroad.

They land up in a state of panic and ultimately puts them in a clueless condition of where to go for an instant medical checkup. Under this situation, the Medical Assistance would become the need of the hour and if the assistance is being guided properly through the chosen home health care professionals who can guide them about the online system of comprehensive health care, this could be nothing short of a ‘Blessings in Disguise’

The tangible medical solutions made possible through Vdesiconnect

For millions of people who become desperate and seek an instant medical solution, Vdesiconnect are the home health care professionals who become responsible to provide a tangible platform online which assists an individual in ‘coordinating with the right doctor and series of right diagnostic tests’ which could ascertain the health problem and possibly enabling them to recover themselves from illnesses.

Apart from that as a home health agency , we help the individual in obtaining the medicines and last but not least, we finally upload the medical health records onto the website for the digital storage of their medical health records for more transparency and future retrieval with just a click of a button.

We care for you at every step of your request and assist with following medical services:

Modus Operandi-Vdesi Connect


The individuals need to register through the platform and furnish the credentials of the type of medical services intended and submit the request.


The backend crew of Vdesiconnect analyze the request of the individual and review the required medical service


The backend crew after the review of your submitted query, will gather the details from you and would assist you with suitable resources and pricing for the same.


Vdesiconnect crew will contact you, gather details, send an invoice for payment for this service. Once the payment is made, our staff member will further assist your parents/relatives for hospital visit, medicines, lab tests, doctor suggestions if any etc.

The registered member would need to pay for the treatments incurred.

Medical establishments and healthcare providers harnesses deeper engagement

Healthcare providers in the marketplace can also harness the potential of Vdesiconnect when it comes to build their presence. Vdesiconnects helps in growing medical establishments with more and more patient engagement.

How Vdesiconnect functions

Login & Send Request

Login and Submit Request with all your Personal Details to Communicate with you Easily and You Can Track Payment Details, Invoice Details Etc.